Update: 3 in custody in man’s beating in Lauderdale County (Warning: contains graphic photos)

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LEXINGTON, Ala. (WHNT) - Lexington Police say three suspects are now in custody in a man's brutal assault and robbery that happened Friday, August 7.

Byron Cole, 22, is recovering after undergoing brain surgery at Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital in Florence. Lexington Police Chief Augie Hendershot said Cole was found bound, beaten and robbed Friday night.  Cole is now in serious condition.

"They used green electrical tape and bound his hands together and just left his there at the residence," Hendershot explained.

Byron Cole (Photo: Lexington Police Dept.)

Byron Cole (Photo: Lexington Police Dept.)

The incident happened at a home on Goardsville Road. Officers responded and found Cole bound and beaten.

"Three people had conspired to rob him," said Hendershot. "They used a young girl to call him and lure him over to the  house where they attacked him with an ax handle and took items from him, including money."

Three suspects are now in custody:

  • Tiffany Michelle Speegle, 19, of Center Star, is accused of texting Cole to lure him to the home. Speegle is charged with strong armed robbery.
  • Allen Holt, 19, of Zip City. Officers charged him with robbery, strong armed robbery and aggravated assault.
  • Jonathan Thompson is now in custody.  Florence Police arrested him Monday night.  Investigators say Thompson confessed, and he is charged with strong armed robbery.
Tiffany Speegle, Allen Holt, and Jonathan Thompson are in custody. (Photos: Lexington Police Dept.)

Tiffany Speegle, left, Allen Holt, center, and Jonathan Thompson, right, are all in custody. (Photos: Lexington Police Dept.)

Chief Hendershot says he's never seen a crime like this in his 15 years with the police department.

"We're going to send a message out that they can rest assured that we're not going to tolerate that here in Lexington," said Hendershot.