The Huntsville Assistance Program helping financially strapped families

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Sometimes you hit a bump in the road and need help. When those situations pop up, there's a group in Huntsville that's making sure people get through them. WHNT NEWS 19 pays it forward to The Huntsville Assistance Program.

Whether the struggle is financial or emotional, The Huntsville Assistance Program is here to help.

"We can help you pay your rent, utilities, and mortgage," describes Director Gayla Kidd.  "We listen to you and we care about what's happening to you and your family. We may be the first people that have really listened to you. Anyone that comes, we try to show love to you and respect always."

The Christian-based organization is supported by around 70 churches. Kidd says its mission is four-fold - to feed the body, provide financial assistance, fill emotional needs and offer spiritual support.

"Our mission is to help people to have a better life," says Kidd. "We help the working poor and those that have hit a bump in the road."

The organization doesn't receive government support at all, so they were happy to receive $319.

"We always accept cash!" says Kidd, laughing.

The money helps them continue to do what they've been doing for the past 15 years - which is to Pay it Forward in money and in love.

"In just over four years, we had given out a million dollars in benevolent funding in this community, which is a quite a lot," says Kidd. "We love what we do."

Kidd says so far this year, The Huntsville Assistance Program has given out around $125,000 to Madison County families in need.