Man beaten, left for dead on the side of I-65 just over the Tennessee line

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GILES COUNTY, Tenn. – The Giles County Sheriff’s Office says three people are accused of robbing a man and tossing him out of a vehicle on Interstate 65 early Saturday morning.  Two suspects are in custody, the other is wanted and the victim is recovering in a hospital.

Brandon Lovell, of Lynnville, Tennessee, was tossed from a vehicle onto I-65 early Saturday morning, August 8.  He was covered in blood.  A driver spotted him along the northbound lanes between mile markers 6 and 14, investigators said.  The driver pulled over and called 911.  Lovell was taken to Southern Tennessee Regional Hospital, and is expected to survive.

Lovell said he met three men at a local establishment.  The four of them then drove to Huntsville. A while later, they headed back to Tennessee and started to travel on I-65 north.  Lovell said once they got back in Tennessee, he let them know they had passed the spot where his vehicle was located.  Lovell said one of the men demanded his wallet.  He refused, and they assaulted him.  The men then said they were going to kill him, Lovell said, and threatened to cut his throat if he didn’t hand over his cell phone.  He complied, and they tossed him out of the vehicle to leave him for dead.

Somehow, a driver traveling north on I-65 spotted Lovell and called for help.

Once Lovell was brought to the hospital, the sheriff’s office was called.  Through the investigation, three men were identified as suspects:

  • Mark Clint Edward Dugger, 50, of Columbia, Tennessee
  • Marshall Wade Cothron, 58, of Columbia, Tennessee
  • Jeremy Joe Cothron, 32, of Columbia, Tennessee

Dugger is in custody. He is charged with criminal responsibility for attempted first degree murder, criminal responsibility for especially aggravated robbery, and criminal responsibility for aggravated assault.  Dugger is being held in the Giles County Jail on $1,010, 000 bond.  He’s scheduled to appear in court on August 18.

Late Monday afternoon deputies announced Marshall Wade Cothron was arrested in Maury County, Tennessee and is now in the Giles County jail with a bail set at $1,010,000.

Deputies have a warrant for Jeremy Cothron.  Once he is arrested, he faces several charges as well.

Approximate location showing the area where a driver spotted Brandon Lovell on the side of I-65.