Decatur Police find no wrongdoing in officer’s actions during June 28 shooting

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DECATUR, Ala. – Decatur Police say they have found no violation by an officer who fired a shot while arresting a man on June 28 at an apartment complex.

Police went to the apartment of Maury Deshaun Randolph to arrest him for several outstanding warrants.  Police say Randolph refused to open the apartment door and officers kicked it open to go inside.  Police say at that point, Randolph came out of a bedroom into a darkened hallway with his arms extended in front of him.

Maury Deshaun Randolph (Photo: Decatur Police Dept.)

Maury Deshaun Randolph (Photo: Decatur Police Dept.)

Officer Frank Linam fired a single gunshot at Randolph whom he believed to be armed and presenting a threat. No one was injured, and Randolph was placed in handcuffs.  Officers then determined Randolph did not have a weapon.

After the shooting, Decatur Police reassigned Officer Linam to administrative duties to investigate the incident.

Friday, police said the internal investigation has found no evidence of a violation of the law on the part of Officer Linam.

In the interest of transparency, the Decatur Police Department has submitted the investigative report to Morgan County District Attorney Scott Anderson for further review.

Randolph’s mother gives different account

WHNT News 19 spoke with Randolph’s mother earlier this week. She gives a different account of the events, and claims police used excessive force against her son.

Officer Linam’s account, related by Decatur Police, alleges that Randolph got up off the ground, and charged at the officer with “his arms extended in front of him in a manner consistent with holding something in his hands instead of at his sides in a manner consistent with running.”

But his mother says he couldn’t have gotten up as she shows the bullet hole in her wall, about waist-high, “If Deshaun hadn’t been on the floor, they’d have killed him.”

Officer Linam has been on the force for one year.

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