Dropped off animals a concern in the Marshall County and surrounding areas

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BOAZ, Ala. (WHNT) — The amount of dropped off animals in the Marshall County area is an issue, and it creates a cycle shelters and organizations are trying to combat.

The Boaz Police Department is looking into its Animal Control Officer’s decision to use a gun to put down several dogs in bad condition. Boaz Police say that is not common and the decision came after several attempts to catch the dogs. Police say the officer shot the dogs because of health and safety concerns. The dogs were dropped off at a home, and police say the homeowner and neighbor agreed the action was best.

There were two other dogs related to the dogs put down, but they were rescued days before the others were put down.

Dropping off dogs is an issue in the area and the shelter that rescued those two dogs is doing its best to fight the problem.

2nd Chance Shelter in Boaz is just that – a second chance. Right now the shelter is giving dogs a lot of them. “Between 350 and 360 on average,” says founder Doug McGee.

McGee says that’s how many dropped off or picked up dogs are at the non-profit. “This morning there were four dropped off outside the gate,” he says.

He says animals get dropped off far too often. “We get calls all the time from Walmarts and restaurants where people will throw a dog out and just leave it hoping somebody will pick it up.”

A lot of times, the dogs will end up at the no-kill shelter.

The shelter took in the two dogs found near where the other dogs were put down. McGee says they are the same age, have same condition, and share the same description.

They’re in bad condition, like their siblings, and McGee says it’s a product of irresponsibility.

“They were on a downward spiral when the mother was just allowed to have puppies that no one cared about,” McGee says.

McGee says fixing animals is a good start to a solution to the undue burden the dropped off animals create.

It’s an issue and a cycle but at the shelter there’s a chance.

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