Three arrested after fight with 2 Florence police officers; one injured

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Florence suspects

Mason Kamp, left, Cody Sloas, center, and Amanda Thompson, right (Photos: Florence Police Dept.)

FLORENCE, Ala. – Two Florence police officers are recovering after being involved in a fight with three people near the W.C. Handy Festival.  All of the suspects were arrested.

The two officers were working undercover at the festival, and saw a man urinating in public view.  They approached that man, Mason Kamp, 20, and identified themselves as police officers, but said Kamp ran into an apartment.   The officers followed.

Police say Amanda Thompson, 25, tried to prevent the officers from arresting Kamp.  A fight took place in the apartment, and police say one of the officers was put in a choke hold, cutting off oxygen.  Police say Cody Sloas, 22, joined in the fight and began to hit the officers.  Thompson also fought some more.

Following a lengthy fight, officers put Sloas and Kamp in handcuffs. They approached Thompson, who had her hands behind her back.  Officers quickly noticed she was holding a firearm behind her, which she had grabbed from another room.  They were able to arrest her without further incident.

Mason Kamp is charged with assault 2nd, public lewdness and resisting arrest.  He was released on $7,000 bond.  Cody Sloas is charged with assault 2nd and resisting arrest.  He was released on $6,000 bond.  Amanda Thompson was charged with resisting arrest, and was released on $1,000 bond.