Jackson County residents gather in opposition to one cent sales tax

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT)- In a few weeks, Jackson County voters will go to the polls to decide whether or not they think a one cent sales tax increase is the answer to the county's decrease in funding.

Monday evening, some Jackson County residents increased their efforts to encourage others to vote against the sales tax increase. Jackson County resident Ellen O'Connor is helping to spearhead some of these efforts. "We're going to be  going door to door, probably hand out some hand cards, hang up a few yard signs, we're not going to put up these signs indiscriminately, people have to say yes they want them in their yards."

A couple dozen people gathered Monday evening to voice their concerns about how much the tax may cost them, however, county officials say they fear this is partially due to misinformation. Commission Chair Matthew Hodges encourages people to come by and ask questions.

"We invite them to come and sit down with us, and sit down and look at the numbers, ask us anything. We want the information to be out there so folks can make that educated decision," says Hodges.

However, some are concerned about where the money will go, once it's been collected.

"If things were earmarked, especially for the roads in this county, I could maybe have a different lookout on it, but not being earmarked bothers me," says O'Connor.

County officials say the breakdown of the distribution of funds can be found online.

"We've had community meetings, that we've posted video from those community meetings on YouTube, we've posted facts and information on our County Commission Facebook page, all I ask is that folks take an opportunity to understand the facts," adds Hodges.

Some of those figures can also be found here.

The polls open August 18th.