It’s still summer, but EMA officials encourage families to think about severe weather in the fall

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. - It's not something we're thinking about right now -- fall severe weather season -- but as children go back to school, the Marshall County EMA is getting ready for it and encouraging families to do the same.

"This time of year we start thinking about our second severe weather season, which begins in September basically," Marshall County EMA Director Anita McBurnett says.

The Marshall County EMA reminds families to get ready now. "Reminding that parents talk with their children about being prepared for severe weather, know the way that they're going to communicate with one another," McBurnett explains.

Also, map out a plan if severe weather hits, know where the safe place in your home is, and talk with your grade school and even college students about a plan if the weather turns bad.

The EMA is also switching gears, getting ready for that fall severe weather season. "We're preparing our first responders, our volunteer agencies, getting our equipment ready with preventative maintenance, and just getting in that mode and that mindset," McBurnett explains.

EMA officials say too often people think it can't happen to them, but if it does they want families to know what they will do. "So as we start back to school we want everybody to start thinking about that severe weather season and be prepared for that," McBurnett says.

EMA officials say they also want residents to think about how they will get storm notifications. WHNT News 19 has several apps to help with that. Just search 'WHNT' in your app store. Once you download the Live Alert 19 app or the Saf-T-Net app, you will get customized notifications about weather where you live.