It may be Christmas until Priceville High students get inside their new Bethel Road school

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Students and staff at Priceville High School have been looking forward to a new building since construction started on their future home last April. And it looks like they'll still be waiting when the new school year starts.

Out in front of the future home of the Priceville High bulldogs on Bethel Road, a sign boasts, 'Opening Fall 2015.' Well unfortunately, Morgan County School Superintendent Bill Hopkins says that's not going to happen. He says what amounts to two full months of nasty, wet weather has put the $26 million project on a major delay.

"We have chosen not to rush the issue. We don't want to sacrifice any quality on the project and we're not even going to put a time-table on when we're going to get in it," Hopkins says.

High school students and staff will simply start the year at their old stomping grounds next to the junior high on Highway 67 South. Hopkins says it's more of a disappointment than an actual inconvenience.

"There's not going to be any problems, not really going to be an inconvenience because they're used to that. So no one moved, we're staying put and when the building is finished we're going to go to the faculty and staff and see if at that point in time they want to move or if they'd rather move at a natural break."​

So, perhaps a nice Christmas present to look forward to instead of a back-to-school treat.

"It's going to be a very beautiful school," Hopkins promises. "We are very pleased with the design but it's also going to be something that the tax payers of Morgan County will be very proud of. They are going to see that we did not waste their money."

But because high school students are staying put, Morgan County Board of Education Central Office Staff are also delaying the move to their new building currently under construction next door to Priceville Junior High.

"If we have our staff trying to enter the building at around 7:15a.m. and they're trying to get students in it'll interfere with the traffic flow and we do not want to do that. So we are going to check that out, make sure that school gets started and then we'll adjust our schedules accordingly," says Hopkins.

Morgan County students will return to school August 12.