Huntsville family stationed at Fort Knox needs prayer and assistance for baby’s medical bills

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FORT KNOX, Ky. - Imagine your infant fighting for his life every moment of every day. For a Huntsville military family stationed in Fort Knox, this is life as they know it. To see Baby Brandon playing with his mother, Kaley, you would never know this child is clinging to his life.

"I have to keep him happy," Kaley Moseley said. "If he cries, especially in the heat, he can pass out."

Brandon was born February 2, 2015 with Down syndrome and cardio pulmonary hypertension. Moseley said he is a born fighter.

"He was instantly taken to the NICU, resuscitated and put on life support," Moseley explained. "He was off life support and fought his way through that within the first four days."

Jason Scoggins, Kaley Moseley and Brandon Scoggins (Photo: Family)

Jason Scoggins, Kaley Moseley and Brandon Scoggins (Photo: Family)

While most mothers are concerned about keeping their baby in a clean diaper, Moseley worries whether her baby's heart will keep beating.

"There is a huge hole in his right ventricle, so the blood that is supposed to flow from the left ventricle to the rest of his body is actually flooding the right side of his heart," Moseley said.

Brandon's heart problems make around-the-clock care inevitable. In fact, Moseley was honorably discharged after eight years of service to our country in order to have more time to focus on her son. "I have about an hour time limit where I can go and run errands," Moseley said.

Brandon faces major challenges over the next 30 days. His doctor wants to put a catheter in Brandon's heart in two weeks and perform surgery in a month.

"He said he doesn't want to wait or put it off any longer," Moseley said.

Moseley's father, Jason Scoggins, set up a Gofundme account so the family won't have to face the hospital stays, medical bills and other challenges alone.

"That's gonna help us with copays that Tricare won't cover and help me be able to stay with Brandon 24/7," Moseley explained. "He is fighting for his life, I don't want to miss any second with him; I want to spend every moment that I possibly can."

To support Brandon's family, you can visit their Gofundme account.