Good Samaritans of Huntsville providing food, supplies to people in need

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Feeding people, passing out hygiene items and getting homeless people off the streets and into housing - that's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ways our Pay it Forward recipient is helping the homeless in Huntsville.

Jennifer Banks sent WHNT NEWS 19 an email, which reads in part:

"Penny McGlathery works day and night, in spite of her own health issues, and uses her personal  money for the ones less fortunate.  If awarded, your $319 will touch so many lives in Huntsville."

On a sweltering day in July when the temperature feels like 100 degrees or more and the summer sun is bearing down on everyone, McGlathery and volunteers with Good Samaritans of Huntsville set up in a parking lot on Seminole Drive. They were sweating, and probably tired, but resolved to do the work.

"Because we're mandated by Jesus Christ  to walk the walk  and that's what we do," explains McGlathery.

It's amazing what they're able to do out of the back of a van - stocked with clothes, supplies and food. They've been doing so for the past four years.

"We're from different churches, different walks, different backgrounds, but we all come together for one purpose and that's our friends," says McGlathery. "That's what we truly think of them as, our friends."

For their friends, they've prepared and prayed over this meal. It was graciously accepted.

"Delicious," describes a man named James. "I think it's a wonderful thing."

The organization graciously accepted our Pay it Forward.

"Awesome!" shouted McGlathery, who visits at least 13 homeless camps and poverty stricken areas in the city almost daily to help people. Meeting their needs comes at a cost, but one she and the others are willing to pay.

"Sometimes, it comes out of our pocket, but we get it done."

McGlathery says when they get donations like that, the money is usually spent that day. She says $319 will cover the cost for at least a week's worth of food and they provide more than 350 meals a week.