Cybersecurity Expert discusses data breaches

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Huntsville, Ala. (WHNT) –  In the age of technology, a form of crime has risen to epidemic proportions – Identity theft.  It is happening on both the individual and nation wide scale.  Dynetics recently hosted a cybersecurity conference in Huntsville.  Shane Hammett is a Senior Cybersecurity Threat Analyst and this week he stopped by WHNT News 19 to give his expert opinion on this very concerning issue.

The most recent hack into the Office of Personnel Management database affected more that 21 million Americans, including those who work at Redstone Arsenal.  Are any databases safe anymore?

“There is not a silver bullet in the cybersecurity world.”  Hammett explains.  “That is one of the things that we have to get past and look at a layered defense, both in our personal life and in corporate America.  The good thing about the OPM breach is that we have proven that our detection methods have gotten much stronger.  If there is a good thing that can come out of this breach, it is that.  I think that is going to be one of the things that we see a lot more of is earlier detection.  Over the years, we are seeing numbers as high as 275 days average that an adversary may be in a  network before it’s detected.  I think over the next few years you are going to see those numbers get much smaller because our detection methods have gotten much more accurate .”

Many people are angry that a database that they thought was secure became breached.  “I look at it as an opportunity to educate and learn from.  It gives me an opportunity to experience what the average citizen may entail when their personal information is breached and violated.”  Hammett says that,  “I’m going to use that as an opportunity to educate and give better architecture advice to the CEO’s and the CIO’s that are out there, and corporations on how we can keep this from happening to other businesses.”

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