Marshall County cooling centers open during the week & weekends while extreme heat lasts

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Image: MGN Online

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) —   With this hot and steamy weather across the valley, staying cool is a priority and Marshall County has several cooling centers open across the county during the week and a few on the weekends.

Cooling centers are public places like libraries and churches. They’re scattered throughout Marshall County. They’re typically open during their normal business hours, giving residents a chance to go and get out of the heat.

“With the long duration of temperatures that we’ve had, we’re hearing more about air conditioners that are going out,” Marshall County EMA Director Anita McBurnett says. “With these heat indexes where they are right now we’re of course concerned with the elderly, the very young, those that have medical needs maybe that don’t have air conditioning in their homes and just have window box fans.”

So the Marshall County EMA coordinates those cooling centers, and most are open during the week. On the weekends though, there are still options for those residents that need a cool place to go.

“During the weekend there are a lot of businesses that are open that people can go there as a means of cooling off,” McBurnett says.

There are several designated cooling centers open on Saturday. The list includes centers in Arab, Albertville, Boaz, and Guntersville.

There are designated times the centers are open and each varies.

“Bring your own snacks and water if you have them,” McBurnett says, “It’s a place to cool off and that’s what it’s designated for.”

For a full list of cooling centers including the sites open on the weekend, click here.