Evergreen plants make excellent privacy hedges

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If you want to create a little more privacy in your yard, but don't want to build a big fence, there are certain plants that lend themselves to screening by creating a hedge or barrier.  Arbor Vitae is an evergreen which makes it the perfect choice for growing a privacy hedge. It comes in several varieties that can be either very narrow or very broad, but most grow to be very tall.

The Holmstrup Arbor Vitae grows to about 10 feet tall. When it's full grown it will be about five feet wide at the base.
The Emerald Green Arbor Vitae also stays pretty narrow. It grows to be about 15 feet tall. When it's full grown, the base is usually about five feet wide.
The Green Giant Arbor Vitae grows to be much larger. It can grow to be about 30 feet tall, and about 15 feet wide.

The variety of plants gives you the option to figure out which size, or which combinations, will fit best in your yard. Remember to leave enough space between each plant to give them room to grow.

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