More questions than answers remain after learning Chattanooga shooter’s education, employment history

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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. - While checking into the suspect's background Friday, WHNT News 19 learned about his education and a little about his work experience.

WHNT News 19’s Hannah Ward spoke with leaders from his alma mater who said they are saddened by what happened.

After searching for details, we are starting to learn more about Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez’s life before he opened fire.

“Unfortunately for us, we did have to confirm that the shooter was one of our graduates,” University of Tennessee at Chattanooga spokesperson Chuck Cantrell said.

Abdulazeez  was a 2012 graduate from UTC in electrical engineering, Cantrell said. After the attack that left four Marine’s dead, a shock went through campus.

Abdulazeez studied at the campus for four years, but very few answers are available about his time there.

“To be honest, I don`t know anything at all. I have not found any faculty members who really remember him,” Cantrell said.

It’s hard for the school to imagine one of their students being the suspect in such a horrific crime.

“This is not who our campus is. The shooter is not what our campus is,” Cantrell.

After graduation, Abdulazeez interned at TVA for a few years. We know for the last few months, he worked for a company that designs wire and cable products.

The FBI says there is no evidence supporting anyone else being involved.