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SEC Media Days gives nothing and everything at the same time

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Hoover, Ala. (WHNT) - Nick Saban said it best early Wednesday morning, "no news is good news this time of year." All 14 SEC head football coaches attended SEC Media Days this week, and managed to leave without dropping a single bombshell headline.

Auburn's Nick Marshall provided the fireworks last July with his citation for marijuana possession just days before. Gus Malzahn chose not to bring him to the circus, and had to answer for his quarterback alone.

In 2013, it was the Johnny Football Show. Manziel did come to Hoover despite an off-the-field tailspin of near epic proportions.

Back to this year though -- nothing of the sort. In fact, there is only one thing we left Hoover knowing which we didn't know beforehand. Steve Shaw heads up the SEC officiating crews and he stopped by to discuss a few rule changes for this season.  Actual news!

The point is, rules change every few years on schedule. That's not a sexy headline. All of a sudden we are left with nothing to talk about but Dan Mullen's sneakers, which also turned in to a promotion for Kanye West. We had the occasional coach impression and Georgia's Malcomb Mitchell even read part of a children's book he wrote.

With nothing happening this week, it makes you wonder why so many people are thirsty for SEC Media Days. The answer is a Southern addiction to the sport and that's perfectly healthy.  SEC Media Days did not provide the sexy headline, but it did offer a chance to talk about football again. If that makes people smile, I'm all for it.