Hundreds gather at prayer vigil in wake of Chattanooga shooting

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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WHNT) -- Hundreds of worshippers gathered at the Redemption Point Church Highland Park Campus in Chattanooga on Thursday to try to comprehend the day's events. Four Marines were killed when a gunman attacked two military sites.

"Our hearts and our prayers are with the families of the slain soldiers, who lost their lives because of a senseless act of evil," said Pastor Kevin Wallace.

He organized the prayer vigil to help give community members a sense of purpose, as well as comfort.

"He orchestrated this in such a way that the total community could be relieved and receive some peace about what's happening," said church member, Juanita Loundmonclay.

Many who attended the service were devastated that this level of tragedy could happen in Chattanooga, as they prayed for the city and those affected.

"We shine brightest in dark moments and this is a very dark moment in our city," said Wallace. "There's a lot of uncertainty, there's a lot of rumor floating around, there's a lot of fear."

The worshippers also took time to be thankful, though, that the events were not far worse.

"We can stand strong in the middle of this moment and believe that God is going to continue to be a good God and he is going to give us protection in our future," Wallace said.

Multiple prayer vigils throughout the city have also been scheduled for Friday.

"Chattanooga is a great city," said Loundmonclay. "We're going to take what the devil meant for evil and turn it to good."

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