Some law enforcement agencies deal with computer database glitches

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LEXINGTON, Ala. (WHNT) - A technical issue is having an impact on police departments here in Alabama.

A few of the databases 911 operators and other official agencies use to share criminal and background information have been failing.

Lexington Police Chief Augie Hendershot said his officers realized the issue when they tried to send reports after two serious accidents in the area.

"Transferring the data from out local computer to the servers in Montgomery, they're not going through. It's really slow getting information back," explained Hendershot.

The issue is a setback for officers who are trying to stay on top of information. But, it's one that agencies are dealing with across the state.

"I called a service number in Montgomery with ALEA and they told us they were having some glitches with the NCIC and the MOVE and the LETS."

Chief Hendershot said those are all the data systems agencies throughout the state depend on for sharing information. So, when officers pull someone over and ask for background information, it's not always immediately available right now.

We reached out to other agencies across the Shoals to see if they are experiencing similar issues with their computer systems. In Colbert County, EMA Director Mike Melton said that their computer systems have been going in and out for the past few days, making it difficult for dispatchers to access the information they need.

The outages are sporatic and some agencies say they aren't experiencing them at all. According to Hendershot, technicians are on top of the issue, and are working to get it fixed as soon as possible.

We also reached out to ALEA, and as of 6:00 Thursday night, they say law enforcement hasn't been having trouble accessing the NCIC database as far as they are aware. They said they will continue to keep an eye on the issue.

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