Alternatives to Roses

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A lot of people are looking for things to plant in place of roses in their garden. They want a different type of plant that will bloom all summer.  One alternative is a butterfly bush. The butterfly bush typically grows to be about six feet tall. Blooms are either white, pinkish lavender, or blue. It also comes in a dwarf form which only grow to about three feet tall.

Another alternative to roses is one of the different types of Hydrangea paniculata. There are different names applied to it other than this, but this Hydrangea can get about five to six feet tall. It blooms on new growth, so if you cut it back early in the springtime, like you would a rose, there's a lot of potential for new growth.  It usually starts to bloom in June and lasts into the fall.

Both the butterfly bush and Hydrangea paniculata plants like sunlight, so they won't grow as well in deep shade. But they can bloom all summer long.


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