Taking Action To Fix A Blind Spot For Madison County Drivers

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) The intersection where New Market Road meet's Butler Road is fairly busy as Madison County intersections go.  Traffic on Butler is supposed to be going 45-miles an hour, but often travels much faster than that.  It makes the problem for drives on New Market Road even tougher.  When they want to turn left on to Butler they have to be very careful.

"Completely zero visibility," says Shannon Johnson.  She's complaining about the stand of large bushes around a house at the intersection.  Those bushes go nearly to the edge of Butler Road, and they block the view to the right of drivers on New Market Road. "You almost have to get completely in the road to make sure that nothing is coming, or something is coming," says Shannon.  We drove the intersection ourselves, and Shannon's complaint is no exaggeration.

It's never a good situation when drivers can't see oncoming traffic.  It's even worse when the effort to be able to see causes you to pull in to traffic.  We're taking action on this particular sight problem, and discussing the situation with Madison County officials.

A little plant trimming will make the intersection safer, and that's the minimum result we're after.