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Loved ones hold candlelight vigil in memory of Calindo Fletcher

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) -- A field traditionally illuminated by Friday night lights, instead dimly glowed by Tuesday evening candlelight. Just 24 hours after the passing of Calindo Fletcher in a Nashville hospital, his friends and family gathered for a vigil to mourn the loss of their selfless hero.

Despite wearing the Bucks' uniform for only one season, the 2014 graduate was revered within the Buckhorn community for his football heroics.

"You used to always hear the commentators say, 'Touchdown, Calindo Fletcher,'" one teammate told the crowd.

Now, Fletcher is revered throughout the Tennessee Valley for his courageous act of trying to save another, all while paying the ultimate price.

"You're born a hero. You're held true a hero," said another teammate. "Calindo did a very heroic action and he will be remembered a hero."

Hundreds of mourners gathered in the stands and applauded as his family made its way into Ledbetter Stadium. Teammates and friends then shared countless stories of Fletcher reaching out to others.

"You always helped who needed help. You always cared for whoever needed a friend," shared another teammate.

It was clear from the night's emotions, though, that Fletcher's actions went beyond articulation, as those left behind will try to walk in his incredible footsteps.

As every one lit candles in Fletcher's honor on the hazy Tuesday night, they held hands to pray. The moment the vigil ended, all in attendance embrace the Fletcher family with love and support and they will always be comforted by the conviction of his character.

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