Long-time local manufacturer Metal Research, Inc. to expand in Guntersville

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. -- Metal Research Inc. will be a new tenant in Conners Island Business Park in Guntersville. The new expansion will cost $2 million.

The long-time local manufacturer was founded in 1964 in the city's original industrial park at Signal Point. The new expansion is needed to support the growth of the aerospace industry. According to the company president, Sam Wolford, the Conners Island expansion will add high tech manufacturing equipment and capacity to enhance the existing operations.

"Our company was established as a precision machining business with a primary focus on aerospace," Wolford said. "Today our growth continues to expand, especially with Boeing. While the technology has changed our consistent commitment to quality has been critical to success."

The new facility will be located near current tenants Duckett Fishing and Riverpool and will house 10,000 square feet of climate-controlled manufacturing space, and 3,500 square feet of support operations. The placement was no accident as it is near both Metal Research's existing facility and Huntsville's aerospace concentration.

"They are one of our longest manufacturing industries here in town. They will maintain the site where they are now but they will do an expansion in the Conners Island business park," Guntersville Mayor Leigh Dollar says.

The expansion is expected to create a few new jobs immediately with good potential for additional growth.

Wolford said that the Conners Island facility will support Boeing's new 737 MAX aircraft and deliveries are expected to begin in mid-2016.

The growth of Metal Research Inc. is very important for the Huntsville-North Alabama technology community and will be key to the continued development of Conners Island.

City Economic Development Director Grant DeMuth said, "Growth from existing companies is historically the most important form of economic development. We are so pleased that a home-grown, high tech success story like Metal Research will be continuing its legacy at Conners Island."