Limestone County Commission names July 7 ‘Yellow Dot Day’

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ATHENS, Ala. — The State of Alabama Yellow Dot Program was created to help citizens after automobile accidents when they may not be able to communicate for themselves.

Tuesday, Limestone County held its own Yellow Dot Day, where people throughout the community were able to participate in the program by filling out a simple folder. Each driver is given their own folder to fill out as much of their health information as they wish to share. However the more information shared, the better.

Once the information is completed, drivers are given a “Yellow Dot” folder that is supposed to be placed in the glove compartment of the individual’s vehicle, and  a yellow dot is placed on the lower corner of the driver’s side rear window.  If in an accident, the yellow dot shows  first responders that the victim’s health information is easily accessible on the scene. The information could potentially speed up treatment of victims, and help families reconnect in the event that members are sent to different hospitals.

Participants of the program receive a “Yellow Dot” decal, a “Yellow Dot” folder and an information form with the participant’s name, an identifying photo, emergency contact information, personal physicians’ information, medical conditions, recent surgeries, allergies and medications being used. A “Yellow Dot” decal on the driver’s side rear window of a vehiclealerts first responders to check in the glove compartment for the corresponding “Yellow Dot” folder.

The most important information is the individual’s emergency contact, so that first responders could contact the family or friends needed.

Anyone interested in signing up for the statewide Yellow Dot Program can visit the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs website.