After World Cup, the future of soccer in the Tennessee Valley looks brighter

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. - Sunday the U.S. Women's National Team took the World Cup, reclaiming the title for the first time since 1999, and it wasn't just women who were excited about the win.

Johnathan Anderson, a player at Guntersville High School, said the game was exciting to watch. "The first five minutes was utter bliss, it truly made me proud to be an American."

The number of Americans who tuned in for the 2015 World Cup was staggering. Sandy Simpson plays on the women's team at Guntersville High School, and noted that America isn't usually seen as a big soccer country.

"So for us to win the World Cup, it's been a huge deal. As for my family, it was just very inspirational and it gave us lots of hope for the future of soccer," says Simpson.

The winning team will begin its victory tour soon. There are already games set to be played in Pittsburgh and Chattanooga . Officials are trying to bring the team to Birmingham to play, as well, which would mean the world to soccer players and fans in the Tennessee Valley, like Guntersville High School's men's coach Zach Ross.

"The women's team is so good, and you know so good on a world level that I think all of our players would be really excited even though we have boys out here, they'd be excited about watching the women's team because their talent level is world-class, and they are the best in the world," says Ross.

If the bid is accepted for the women's national team to play in Birmingham, the game will be in September or December and will be played at Legion Field.