$3 million investment amounts to drastic overhaul of Madison’s oldest school

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) - It's Madison's oldest house of learning. So with age, you can naturally expect some issues. But some much-needed improvements -- $3 million dollars worth to be exact -- are coming to Madison Elementary.

Madison City Schools has made a major investment in the overhaul of the school. They are addressing moisture, cooling and heating issues with a 3-prong plan of attack.

Firstly, all pipes, heating and cooling elements as well as all the school's ceiling tiles have been replaced. Students will also notice a difference in the learning environment with the addition of brand new LED overhead lighting throughout the campus.

Next, contractors are addressing rainwater seepage by sealing off, or encapsulating the 1938 basement of the building. But there is also a civil engineering component to keeping outside moisture from getting in.

Crews have connected all drain spouts and added new , insulated underground pipes to direct all rain water to a catch basin that will direct all water away from the school and into city storm drains.

Madison City Schools Director of Operations Pat O'Connor tells WHNT News 19 when all is said and done, the school will rival Bob Jones and James Clemons High Schools when it comes retrofitting wires necessary to make way for the latest in technology.

All work will be completed before students return to class this fall. Improvements to drainage, heating, cooling and lighting could improve energy efficiency at Madison Elementary by an estimated 40 to 50%.