UPDATE: ASPCA moves animals from Lawrence County to emergency shelter, Police Chief releases number of animals found

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LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. – Late Friday afternoon, Moulton Police Chief Lyndon McWhorter revealed the exact number of animals that were found at Bobbie Taylor’s property – the former Lawrence County Animal Shelter. He says a total of 316 dogs and cats were located at the property, including several that were already dead, some that have died in the past few days and several still fighting for life at area veterinary hospitals.

Earlier Friday, they began the difficult process of removing all of those animals to an emergency shelter.

ASPCA investigator Tim Rickey says every day since they’ve been on the scene, they’ve dealt with a new medical emergency.

“When we got here this morning our teams had to immediately jump in and start administering emergency care for these animals,” said Rickey, Friday morning.

One by one, workers loaded dogs into kennels, taking photographs of their conditions and injuries. Along the way, discovering new ways they’ve been suffering.

“Disease issues, injuries, a lot of issues created from an overcrowded and unsanitary environment these animals are in,” Rickey said.

Through the weekend, the animals will be moved to an emergency shelter, the location of which has not been released to the public.  There, the animals will receive further medical treatment over the coming days and weeks, before being released to potential owners.

Are you concerned your missing pet might have been at the shelter? Please call Moulton Police at (256) 974-3961.  They will take your name, description of your animal and phone number in order to check into this further.

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