EXCLUSIVE: The inside of the ASPCA emergency animal shelter in Lawrence County

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MOULTON, Ala. (WHNT) - New developments in the ongoing story of Lawrence County's animal shelter and the allegations of abuse and neglect against former director Bobbie Taylor. The ASPCA began relocating the dogs and cats from Taylor's home based shelter to a new location Friday. In fact, the first two truck loads of animals left Taylor's shelter just after noon. With over 300 animals, it's a process that could take two days to complete.

WHNT News 19 first broke the story of abuse and neglect at the shelter last week. Now, another exclusive as we get our first look at the new facility where the animals will be housed, at least temporarily. For those of you worried about the immediate future of these animals, this should help.

The ASPCA did not tell us where the new, temporary shelter is located. We found it on our own and literally pleaded for the opportunity to bring you these images. We also promised not to reveal the location in this report. It is a large building where  workers have spent many hours preparing for the animals' arrival.

"It'll be clean. We'll have all of these animals set up in their individual housing where they have their own space, where they're not having to fight for resources, where our medical team can really look at each one of them and identify what their medical issues are and what their progress is," according to ASPCA Chief Investigator Tim Rickey.

There is a place set aside for exercise, and even socialization. And each animal will have it's own clean, dry bed, sheltered from the weather and from the pain of neglect.

Meanwhile, at Bobbie Taylor's shelter in Moulton, workers continue their efforts to ready the remainder of the animals for relocation. They plan to finish this part of their task Saturday.

"I think tomorrow, for us, will be a pretty special occasion with it being the Fourth of July. I think when the last animal leaves this property, that'll be a good Independence Day for us," Rickey said.

An ASPCA spokesperson says it'll be several days yet before they are ready to publicly reveal the location of this new shelter where they're moving the animals to. But we have seen it, and we can tell you with absolute certainty the animals are going to a much, much better place than where they have been.

The ASPCA spokesperson tells us they aren't yet revealing the location of the shelter for security reasons. They do plan to invite the news media to the site perhaps as early as next week. That's when we'll be able to show you the facility with all of the animals in there.

If you think your pet may be in the bunch, you're asked to call the Moulton Police Department at (256) 974-3961 and ask to file a report. However, we learned today that a new plan for streamlining efforts to reclaim a missing pet that's discovered to be at the shelter is in the works. The details have not yet been worked out, but we'll let you know as soon as they are.

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