Be aware – fireworks can trigger PTSD in veterans

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. - Fourth of July celebrations have already begun across the Tennessee Valley, but for some of our veterans, those flashes and blasts can trigger post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.

Sergeant Chad Perry says the sharp crackles and deep booms can really affect a soldier.

"We really have to take into consideration of many people wont understand. 'Oh its just a popping sound, or a flash of light.' But for someone who's been over and may have been shot at or been in an explosion or some type of a firefight or something like that, we've got to take into consideration what that might do or how that may affect them," Perry says.

It's important to be aware of surroundings, and those nearby who may be impacted by the fireworks.

Jimmy Latta is volunteering at a fireworks stand and reminds people to be aware. "You know when we're shooting our fireworks we need to be respectful of the people who gave us those freedoms, and so be mindful of people around you that if you've got veterans in the area that might be sensitive to these things."

Most of all it's crucial to remember that without service men and women, we wouldn't be celebrating this holiday at all.

"These men and women of the armed forces, both past and present want to be able to celebrate this holiday just like everybody else, they don't want to you know have those flashbacks, they want to be able to enjoy it, because these are the men and women who fought for the day that were celebrating," adds Perry.

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