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The Rock senior pastor addresses congregation on same-sex ruling

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Talk of the Supreme Court ruling to legalize same-sex marriage is filling many churches Sunday morning, including The Rock Family Worship Center.

"We live from higher court and that is supreme over all the opinions of mankind," said senior pastor Rusty Nelson to the congregation.

They gave the leader a standing ovation as he read a prepared statement in response to the ruling.

"We will not perform, acknowledge, I cannot adhere to any unbiblical demand created by this same sex marriage ruling of the Supreme Court," said Pastor Rusty.

He says it's not intolerance, but that this is one of those moments he says he wants to stand for truth, no matter who agrees.

"The ruling of the Supreme Court has been not just a deep wound, but attack on not only how this nation was established but how we live as believers, and as Christians."

In the service, he acknowledged that he knows there are members of the LGBTQ community that go to church here, but that it boils down to a different between acceptance and love.

"I'm not called to accept the decision they make, but as a Christian, I am called to love, and I can love someone without accepting their decisions."

Pastor Rusty says he's concerned about the ruling -- that it may put churches and religious leaders in a corner with a tough decision to make: to choose between the law of man or the law of God -- and possibly make churches face legal penalization as the law is enforced.