UPDATE: Jackson Co. Sheriff’s Office identifies persons of interest in weekend homicide case

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Jackson County Sheriff Chuck Phillips says they have identified persons of interest in a homicide case that initiated over the weekend.

Sheriff Phillips says the body was found on County Road 208, near Alabama Highway 277 in Bridgeport. He says the body was found around three o’clock Saturday morning in the middle of the road. “His name was D.J., they call him D.J. His first name was Dejion Roberson. He is from South Pittsburg, and he was 21 years old,” Sheriff Phillips says.

He says the cause of death isn’t ready to be released just yet.

It took some time to identify the body. “He had no identification on his body, so around nine o’clock Saturday morning we were able to identify him,” Sheriff Phillips says.

The Sheriff’s Office is working to find out how Roberson’s body turned up in Bridgeport. “We’ve been working with South Pittsburg, Kimball, and Marion County, talking with individuals up there,” Sheriff Phillips says.

A big question is where the crime took place — in Tennessee, or in Alabama. “We’re looking into both places. Right now we’re leaning toward Alabama, but it still probably could have happened in Tennessee and he was brought across state lines,” said Sheriff Phillips.

The Sheriff’s office says it is looking into people of interest in Tennessee.