Using Facebook to help fight crime in one of Alabama’s largest counties

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) -- A Jackson County law enforcement agency is using social media to fight crime in one of Alabama's largest counties, and it's helping deputies to do their jobs even more efficiently.

Facebook -- we're all on it, and we share just about everything in our lives. The Jackson County Sheriff's Office is using the social media platform to help deputies keep the county safe, and it's working. "We get information pretty much on a daily basis from Facebook messages to our Facebook account," Chief Deputy Rocky Harnen says, "We also have a tip line on our website that people use pretty much daily also and give us tips."

Chief Deputy Harnen says Facebook is providing the department a way to connect with residents. "A lot of people just prefer to use social media now," he says.

He says the social media platform has helped the department solve crimes in one of Alabama's largest counties. "We get tips, a lot of narcotics tips because of it, and I pass it on to our narcotics unit and they get on it," Harnen says.

The department uses the platform to share happenings in the county and provide updates to situations the residents need to know about.

During severe weather it's a way to connect. "Knowing road closures, bad weather and things such as that, and people really appreciate it. We get a lot of good comments about it," Chief Deputy Harnen says.

So from tips to solving crimes, it's a tool the Jackson County Sheriff's Office is using to help deputies do their jobs, even better than they already are.