People speak on Lawrence County shelter experiences

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LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - A number of stories from different people putting a negative light on the county animal shelter and its director, now accused of animal abuse. 

"The stench of urine could knock you out," said animal rescuer Cheryl Jones. "And the dogs are in crates that are too small for them."

People who have recently adopted from the shelter have also come forward.

"You can just see the mess they're living in," said Ariel Riddle.

She adopted a dog Saturday only for it to die by Monday.

"I took her to a vet, he said it was so malnourished and so poorly taken care of, there was no help for the dog."

"The dog we took, Scarlett, had urine burns from being in her own urine," explained Jones. "She was severely dehydrated, she had kidney failure from dehydration."

It's said the Taylor has worked with dogs for as long as anyone can remember, but they're hoping that shedding some light on this can save the lives of some dogs, especially in the heat.

"There's no shade, and the concrete building she has, I don't believe it has heating and air conditioning," said Jones. She believes Taylor has good intentions, but is overwhelmed and lacking resources.

"I know there are police reports here in Lawrence County back in March by people who saw things, the Humane Society was willing to come in, but couldn't come in until a police report was acted upon, which did not happen," explained Jones.

"You could hear the puppies, the whining of the other dogs," said Riddle. "It was just a sad situation altogether. It was unsanitary, very poorly taken care of."

Now county leaders are planning to meet to discuss possibly canceling their contract with Taylor.

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