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Hazardous one-pot meth labs found discarded in Morgan County

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. — The Morgan County Drug Task Force wants you to be on guard against hazardous materials after agents located several discarded meth labs on Natural Bridge Road.

Agents located four one-pot methamphetamine labs, two HCL gas generators, and meth lab trash floating in a creek in the 300 block of Natural Bridge Road. They found a total of six one-pot methamphetamine labs in and around the creek.

Agents located two more lab dump sites in ditches along the 100 and 200 blocks of Natural Bridge Road. They later found three more one-pot meth labs.

They found a total of nine one pot meth labs, two HCL gas generators, and two trash bags full of meth lab trash.

These items are extremely hazardous to the environment and people who come in contact with the chemicals.  The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office asks anyone who observes suspicious trash like this to not touch it but report it to the local enforcement agency.

Officials are working to identify the person or persons responsible for dumping the meth lab trash into the waterway.