Taking Action On A Terrible Huntsville Road

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Driving down Huntsville's Oakwood Avenue these days is an unpleasant experience. "It's in terrible shape," says Larry Wood.

Wood is particularly upset about the stretch of Oakwood just to the east of Memorial Parkway. "There's about a block and a half of road that's just almost un-driveable," says Wood.

The large rough patches that dot Oakwood Avenue from Memorial Parkway to Andrew Jackson Way are the result of work to repair, and replace gas and sewer lines under the five lane road.   That work has been ongoing since the winter, and has resulted in a road that truly is bone jarring for drivers. "It's wear and tear on people's cars, tires and you know...that stuff is expensive," says Wood.

Mr. Wood wants Oakwood Avenue repaired, and we took action and contacted Huntsville's Public Works Department to find out when that might happen.  It turns out the work on the gas and sewer lines is preparation for paving Oakwood.  Unfortunately the gas line work will take another month.  When that work is finished the paving should begin almost immediately.

Oakwood Avenue should be a smooth stripe of new asphalt sometime in the next six to eight weeks.