High heat this week, watching Gulf of Mexico

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We hit 94° on Sunday afternoon. Look for more high heat this week with temperatures in the middle 90s. That’s only part of the story. With high humidity, the heat index will make it feel like around 100° during the peak afternoon hours. Take it easy if you are going to be outside. Take breaks, drink plenty of water, and wear light-colored clothing. This is just the beginning. Expect middle 90s at least through Wednesday afternoon.

Don’t get too excited about our rain chances over the next several days. They are less than 20%. If one or two showers pop up, they will be just that. Only anticipate a few at best.

High pressure dominates the southeast United States this week bringing us the hottest stretch of 2015. This suppresses our rain chances as well. Keep the sprinklers on this week! Rain chances don’t make a comeback until next weekend. Even that chance isn’t a great one.


High Pressure = Hazy, Hot, & Humid – Rain Chance By Wednesday is only 10%.

To the tropics: There is an area of low pressure in the Gulf of Mexico. Thankfully it’s not heading toward our coastline. This will likely impact Texas or Mexico later this week. Of course Texas doesn’t need anymore rain. The rest of the Tropical Atlantic is quiet at this time.