Rethinking your cell phone contacts: Police suggest you put in specific names, not ‘Mom’ or ‘hubby’

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - It's something we're all guilty of. Instead of putting our mother's first name in our phone, we write "mom," and our boyfriend or girlfriend is listed as "sweetheart" or "babe." But, some law enforcement officials said this could be a dangerous move. While they encourage people to keep a password on their phones, they also said to list each person by their first name instead of these special titles.

"What's to keep a person who steals your phone from sending a text message?" said Lt. Darryl Lawson, the Huntsville Police Department's public information officer.

A person who takes your phone could easily text one of these specific numbers to ask for things like your bank account PIN number, login information for your computer, or worse.

"They may decide to send a text to that person saying, 'Hey could you meet me at a certain location?'" Lawson said.

Police said the easiest way to keep yourself safe is by keeping your passcode on and simply picking up the phone and calling your loved one to make sure it's really them if you receive these type of texts.