Florence recycling pleased after 1 month of city-wide collections

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – With one month of total city recycling behind it, the Florence Recycling Center has seen an overwhelming response of participation.

A mound of recyclable materials sits in the center, while sorting employees there now work at a dizzying pace.

More than 15,000 collection bins are now saturating the city. Recycling director David Koonce had hoped for this much cooperation, but coming so quickly has forced some changes.

“We’re probably 20 to 30 percent more than what we had before. Right now it’s hard to say exactly. We’ll know in time, but we’re a little bit overwhelmed with how much has come in,” explained Koonce. “We’ve had to up our game and had to work a little harder.”

With such an increase conveyor belts have had to be sped up as loaders constantly whittle away at the mound.

According to Koonce, there is some confusion as to what can be recycled. He said residents should check the lids on their carts which identify all acceptable materials.

“People have been really positive about getting a recycle cart,” Koonce stated. “We just need to fine-tune what they are putting in it, fine tune our collection of it which we are getting better at.”

Over all, Koonce is pleased with the participation rates throughout the city. He’s hopeful through education they can cut down on the 5% of waste which is coming into the center.

The city hopes to have hard numbers on recycling participation in the next month or so. Since the implementation of city-wide recycling, leaders said there has been a noticeable decrease in the amount of solid waste being taken to the landfill transfer station.