Scammers target businesses on Facebook

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(Image Credit: MGN Online)

There’s a new scam targeting Facebook users who have professional business pages.

The scammer initially seeks out the business through a private message, with a timeline post or by accessing the email or phone number provided on the business page.

A local photographer contacted WHNT News 19 after she was sought out by a potential customer wanting photography services for a family reunion.

Their exchanges via email took a wild turn, when the “potential customer” wanted assistance with paying his event planner.

WHNT News 19’s Carrie Marchese shows us how this scam works and the top ways to avoid it.

How to Spot a Facebook Business Scam:

  • Don’t fall for an overpayment scam. No legitimate job or offer would ever overpay a business and ask him/her to wire the money elsewhere. This is a common trick used by scammers.
  • Look for typos and bad grammar. Emails and messages shouldn’t be riddled with bad writing.
  • Look for discrepancies with who the initial email is from, and who actually signs out.
  • Ask the interested party for an address and phone number where you can reach them. This way you can do your own fact checking. If they are hesitant to release that information, you might be dealing with a fraudster.