Best plants to attract Hummingbirds

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One of the great experiences of summer time is when the Hummingbirds come back home. There are several plants you can add to your own yard to help welcome them back. There are three plants in particular that will really get their attention.

The Cuphea has a bloom that is closed on the end so most insects can't get into it and reach the nectar. But a Hummingbird's beak is able to reach inside and drink it. A butterfly's proboscis makes it one of the other few species that can enjoy the sweets from the Cuphea. One interesting type of Cuphea is the Bat Face Cuphea. The bloom resembles a purple bat's face with two red ears. It can grow up to three feet tall.

Another Cuphea is sometimes called the Cigar Plant. It grows straight and resembles a cigar. It can grow up to three feet tall. The Cigar Plant will grow hundreds of blooms and has a lot of color to it.

A third plant that will attract the hummingbirds and butterflies this summer is the Mexican Firebush. It blooms with an orange flower and can also grow to about three feet tall.

Since all three plants grow to a similar size, it's easy to plant them together in a pot. They'll grow well in a five-gallon bucket with holes in the bottom.