Southeastern Cyber Security Summit brings in over 700 people

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Cyber security, the summit and the conversation, has grown a lot over the last few years. Attendance at the Southeastern Cyber Security Summit proves it.

Judy Darwin, the summit's publicity chair says just three years ago, they only had around 350 attendees. Now they're up to 750.

Huntsville plays the role of obvious host. Darwin says it just makes sense, "Huntsville is the Mecca for all things D.o.D. and defense."

Cyber security has a rippling effect through those communities. That's why people pack ballrooms to hear speakers and get snapshots of solutions.

Darwin elaborates, "As subcontractors come on board for larger contracts, it's a lot harder for these smaller contracts to understand, absorb, and even to manage those requirements that are being levied upon them."

Say NASA has some cyber security rules in place. They're obviously strict because it's top-level government secrets. But NASA passes those same rules along to all its contractors, who then pass it along to all their subcontractors. That means big rules have to implemented on the smallest levels.

Darwin goes on, "The prime contract has these available technologies in place, and so the smaller contracts coming on board still have to comply with NASA requirements and maybe not have the manpower or the knowledge."

That's why summits like these keep attracting more and more clients, because the topics discussed wind up impacting dollars transacted.

The summit runs through Thursday.

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