Donation aims to correct a dangerous road in Asbury

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ASBURY, Ala. (WHNT)- A dangerous curved stretch of Asbury Road will soon be straightened out thanks to a generous donation of 4 acres of land.

Bobby Rice has lived on that road for 45 years. "One person got killed. In those 45 years, and a lot of them got hurt, it's been terrible," said Rice.

The stretch of road is between Asbury High School, and Martling Road. The new road will cut diagonally, eliminating the curve.

Which is good news for Rice, who has dealt with property damage as a result. "All those barricades, so they won`t run into my trees, flower and my mail box, and my fence is torn up," says Rice.

District 4 commissioner Jessie Swords says he's been hoping to get this road straightened since before he was elected. "We're going to widen this road a foot on each side, and that's going to help the school buses passing, you know we have 16 buses a day. So it's all to help the people. That's what its all about, helping the people."

Paving on the road is expected to begin in the next couple of weeks. Once the project is under way it should be completed in just more than a week.

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