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Saving Huntsville History: Woman makes 11th-hour plea to save old school sign

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Rhoda Johnson knows just about everything about the old Whitesburg Middle School. She loves it.

"It's just been here for so long, and my kids had wonderful times here," she told WHNT News 19.

But the old school is scheduled for demolition Wednesday morning to make way for parking and other infrastructure at the new Whitesburg School, opening this fall. Before Tuesday, it was set to take another part of history with it -- an old sign that sat outside the school since 1988 when the student council raised money to put it there.

"It needs to stay with the school," said Johnson.

Afraid to lose it forever, she offered to raise money to fund its removal from the old site before demolition. She also reached out to Huntsville City Schools, hoping to get to it before the construction trucks.

And they responded, even hiring a crew to cut the sign out and store it until it can be moved to what school officials say will be its new home -- the new school.

"The architects and I will meet next Monday and we will find a place on the campus to put the sign," he said.

Rhoda was overjoyed.

"All the schools that my kids have gone to have always meant a lot to me," she said. "And this is just something for everybody that went to Whitesburg. And I'm glad they'll get to keep it."