Hundreds show up to voice support for traditional marriage at Marshall County rally

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT)-There have been multiple regional rallies this weekend in support of what these Christians call Biblically defined marriage. The rallies are a buildup for a statewide rally planned for June 6th in Montgomery.

Hundreds of people gathered in front of the Marshall County Courthouse, on its steps, and in the streets of US 431 Saturday afternoon to send a message.

Keith Hodges, Pastor Liberty Church in Arab says they want people to come to know Christ.

But for some, a different message was being projected. Pamela Campbell-Deloney said all she felt was hate.

"They hate. I don't want to hate anybody, but they want to hate me. The minute I got out of my truck I felt the hate. I was told to hate. As I walked across the street of my town I was given hate, and I gave none of it out," added Campbell-Deloney.

Those in support of the rally emphasized it was not a hate driven event. "We're not against the homosexuals. We are a church, that our church personally reaches out to all people. And we reach out to the homosexual community, we reach out to drug addicts and alcoholics, we reach out to heterosexual people who are living in adultery and fornication, because we believe it's the truth that sets people free," says Hodges.

Many people had the opportunity to speak at the rally, and the majority of those in attendance had the same sentiments. However, another message was being delivered as well.

"My being able to marry someone, or have civil rights is not going to make anybody else gay," says Campbell-Deloney.

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