Safety tips for when traveling with a trailer

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Memorial Day marked the unofficial start of summer, and that means we can expect to see a lot more people heading to our area lakes and rivers.  With lots of traffic headed towards the water, there are safety precautions to take on the way.

If you are traveling down the interstate behind someone who's carrying a boat, if that boat become unhitched your chances of surviving are slim.  These boats can weigh anywhere from 300 to 8,000 pounds.  That's why properly securing your boat is incredibly important.

Corey Williams, TH Marine technical specialist, said many people forget to put lights up or chains on their boats, both very important steps for transporting the boat safely.

Williams also mentioned how important it is to have the proper cables and locks to tie down your boat.

"Make sure that you have a lock on there that is sufficient that is not going to come undone," said Williams. "Some people like to use a pin. That pin can rattle out coming down the highway."

Take these and every precaution to make sure your boat is secured safely, so everyone on the roads can make it to the water safely.

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