Giant kangaroo spotted hanging around Australian suburb

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NORTH LAKES, Australia - People in an Australia town are surprised, and a bit scared, of their new neighbor: A giant kangaroo.  The animal has been seen wandering around, hopping through playgrounds -- and even a golf course.

He's pretty imposing. The kangaroo is more than two meters tall and up to 95 kilograms.  For those of us in America, that's 6 and a half feet tall and more than 200 pounds.

"He's very intimidating, he's a big boy," said Linda Hellyer, who came very close to him while walking her dogs recently.

"We turned the corner and old mate jumped out he's very big and I don't really want to take him on. He's got massive, massive muscles, big pecs and everything," she said.

The giant roo's been spotted in playgrounds and on the golf course.

"It's a big one, it is a big roo and I'm used to animals from out in the west and it is a big roo," said Allan James.

Smaller kangaroos are often seen in the area.

"They leave their little calling cards for us," said Craig Williams.

But this one stands out from the troop.  He has a distinctive tear in his left ear.

"We didn't intend to get that close because we obviously know kangaroos can be a little bit dangerous," said Hellyer.

Source: Seven Network Australia, via CNN