Skyline High School celebrates first graduating class

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SKYLINE, Ala. (WHNT)- Skyline High School celebrated the 40th anniversary of their first graduating class Sunday afternoon, with nearly half of the class and the first principal in attendance.

“We only had about 37 seniors the first year, and I think about 18 or 19 were here today,” said former Skyline teacher Joyce Kennamer, “and seven are deceased, so I was very pleased with the number that came today,”

All the graduating seniors and staff from the graduating class of 1975 were sent invitations and asked to be a part of Skyline’s important day. The first Skyline principal Willard Townson spoke at the event, and said it was great to be back.

“It’s been fun to see it grow,” he said. “It’s a great high school, and to think that maybe I had a little something to do with that back then you know. So that’s the fun part about it, and that’s what makes it worthwhile.”

After the ceremony alumni, family and friends were treated to a homemade school lunch, not unlike what they may have had in the 70s.

“Maybe we can do it again in 10 years, and have the 50th year celebration,” said current Skyline principal Kevin Dukes, “and maybe these folks will still be around to enjoy it and be able to talk about what happened back at the 40th celebration.”

Interestingly, while many things at Skyline High School have changed over the last 40 years, at Tuesdays graduation there will be 37 students graduating, which is the same number as the first graduating class.


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