Decatur Police save motorist from drowning

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FLINT, Ala. (WHNT) - A Morgan County man tells us he owes his life to three Decatur policemen, and a good samaritan. Shane Edge fell asleep while driving home Friday night. His small pick-up ran off the road and wound up submerged in Flint Creek. The officers rushed into the water to rescue Shane just before the truck rolled over and went under.

"Was there a point in time when you thought you might not make it out of there," we asked?

"Initially when I hit the water I was just under water and said well this is the end. This is how I go. No one's going to be able to see me down here because it's in this dark creek and I was ready to go. I was, I knew there was no way I was getting out of this," Edge explained.

Shane says as he dozed off he became aware of the fact that his truck was traveling down the median. He says he tried to correct but couldn't. His vehicle wound up splitting the difference between the north and southbound bridges on Highway 31 and landed way out in the water. Another motorist saw the accident happen, called 911 and then came down to see if he was alright.

"So I finally heard someone yelling from the bridge, hey down there, and I was yelling back yeah, I'm fine."

But he was still trapped and didn't realize his truck was just minutes away from rolling over and filling with water. The Morgan County Rescue Squad had been called but Decatur Police realized there was no time to wait. Ignoring their own safety, Sgt John Sharp, and officers Larry Sharpley and James Harton waded into the dark water, busted the trucks windshield and pulled Edge to safety.

"They were my guardian angels that night. If they weren't there, if they hadn't showed up in time I don't know how much longer it would have been. That truck looks like it turned in the water and I would have been trapped underneath cause, I'm happy they were there," Edge says.

Shane will spend this Memorial Day holiday with his family, thanks to three Decatur Police officers who risked their lives in order to save his.

Shane tells us had the other motorist not seen the accident happen, and made the call for help, no one would have noticed his truck beneath that bridge, or him inside. He says he has no idea who the person is but hopes to one day meet him and properly thank him.

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