Accidental gun discharges ‘most distinctive cause of death’ in Alabama & Tennessee, local defense expert weighs in

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) –  When you think of what causing people to die in various states, you may think heart disease or cancer play a role, and they most certainly do. However, a newly released report by the CDC shows the most distinctive cause of death here in Alabama and Tennessee is accidental gun discharge.

We love our Second Amendment rights here in Alabama. According to The Crime Prevention Research Center, Alabama leads the nation in concealed carry permits. Unfortunately, guns also have consequences that can sometimes be fatal.

"Guns don't go off by themselves... pretty much you have to pull the trigger and what we find is they don't check to see if it's loaded or they forget it's loaded... and with a firearm you get one chance," said Director of Self Defense Solutions Cameron Bucy.

Bucy says fake guns are looking more like real guns these days, there's not much difference in size or shape. The mix-ups can be deadly.

Bucy says parents need to communicate the dangers of guns to their children and always have firearms in a locked safe or on their body.

"What I'm seeing is lack of education, lack of responsibility... little bit of ignorance sometimes... and negligence," said Bucy.

For adults he says if you own a firearm you need to take a safety class to avoid accidents, you can learn more by clicking here.