Jackson County EMA looking for resident input as part of Hazard Mitigation Plan

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) — The Jackson County EMA is working to get its county’s residents’ opinions on what can be improved to make their communities safer in the event of a disaster.

“Right now we’re updating our Hazard Mitigation Plan,” Jackson County EMA Director Mike Ashburn says.

Ashburn says they’ve been working on the plan for a while. It has to be updated every five years. “Each entity within the county, each city or town that wants to get public assistance or FEMA grants, has to participate in this,” Ashburn says.

As part of the extensive research already being done by the EMA, surveys are put out to the general public to help determine what changes can be made to help make their communities safer in the event of a disaster. “Would it be a tornado shelter that they need, or would they need a siren, or they might be in the flood plain and some work might need to be done along that line,” Ashburn explains.

The EMA plans to hold a meeting for the county’s residents about this process. “If anybody within the county, any citizen, would like to have some input to us about what mitigation areas need to be addressed in their community that would be a good time to do it,” Ashburn says.

It’s all part of an extensive process that looks at the county’s make up as well as past and present data to come up with the best plan possible. “All of this is taken into account to see how we can help mitigate for the future,” Ashburn says.

The EMA is using a grant to help with the process.

The meeting is on June 4 at the EMA office at 6:30 p.m.. Jackson County citizens are invited to attend.