Decatur community gathers at vigil to grieve, heal, and seek justice after weekend crime spree

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT)-- The Davis family organized a vigil at Wilson Morgan Park in Decatur Tuesday night, because that's where Josh Davis's body was found the Saturday before.

The vigil began just after 7:30, at dusk, after the crowd listened to some of his favorite country songs.

"He loved to sing. Music was a part of his life," said his sister Leah.

Now, it's a part of remembering his life. So is the crowd that came out to the vigil, many wearing blue in honor of his favorite color.

"I wish I could tell him how many people were here," said Leah Davis. "I know he sees everybody."

It's a moment of togetherness for Josh's family and friends, many of whom live in Decatur and are sad, even scared about the recent crime spree. Police have told WHNT News 19 they believe Josh's death was related to it.

"When everybody comes together to show their support like this, it really shows there are still good people and it doesn't have to be all about what happened over the weekend," commented Crystal Stinson, Josh's sister.

Candles in hand, this group said goodbye to Josh's life, taken so soon. But many are also calling for justice, hoping that can quell the fear and bring some peace to grieving family members.

Erika Hernandez came to the vigil because she knew Josh from class. She brought her family with her, and held her son in her arms. She said it's easy to feel the Davis family's pain.

"Today it's their family, tomorrow it could be mine," she explained about the recent crime spree. "It could be us who could be in their place."

She said what will stop her from being afraid-- "when we know the criminals are going to get punished for what they did."

Josh's family tells WHNT News 19 they have set his funeral arrangements. Visitation is Wednesday from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. at Pecks Funeral Home in Hartselle. The public is welcome. His funeral will be Thursday at 3:30 p.m. and he will be buried in a private cemetery in Trinity to follow.